Developed in 1947 in Lacombe Alberta, with crosses of Berkshire sows to boars of Danish Landrace and Chester White ancestry.

The Lacombe was unveiled to pork producers in 1957. They quickly grew to be a popular breed. 1,743 were registered in 1981, of which 648 were boars and 1,095 were females.

2018 and they are on the brink of extinction!

At this time we are trying to re-establish some small herds across the Country.  With less than 7 adult breeding females they are in danger of becoming extinct!

The Lacombe is a white, medium-sized pig with a docile temperament. It has large, drooping ears, is long bodied and rather short of leg, and is quite meaty in conformation.

The breed has been specially selected and noted for its rapidity of gain and docility, especially the sows. Much attention has been paid to litter size, weaning weight, growth rate, the efficiency of feed conversion, carcass quality, and physical soundness.